Wednesday 4/8/2020
Saturday, September 12, 2020 About Nutrition Office
The Nutrition Office is one of the busiest parts in the field of student affairs and in the university because the issue of nutrition, after dormitory, is the most important concern in student life. This office is responsible for handling all matters related to student nutrition and university restaurants. The most important tasks and services provided in this office are:
- Arranging contractor contracts, etc. related to restaurants (self-services) of the university
 - Procuring and purchasing industrial kitchen equipment for university restaurants
 - Supervising the purchase and supply of basic kitchen food items
 - Adjusting and supervising the instructions and methods of rationing (weight, percentage, volume, etc.) of food in cooking students' food
 - Controlling the quality, health, and hygiene of food in different stages of the cooking process (purchase of raw materials, storage, preparation for cooking, rationing, cooking, distribution)
 - Improving and updating the student food automation and food reservation system