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Wednesday 4/8/2020
About Faculty of Mathematical Sciences and Statistics
Saturday 7/18/2020
Faculty of Mathematical Sciences and Statistics consists of two departments, Mathematics and Statistics. Currently, the department of mathematics has undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and the department of statistics admits undergraduate students. It should be mentioned that the Master’s and doctorate programs in the Department of Mathematics were started with the Applied Mathematics (Numerical analysis) in 2007, and in 2008 and 2009, the majors of Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics (Analysis and Algebra) launched their activities. The doctorate courses of the faculty were established in 2011 with the admission of students in two fields of Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics. In 2015, the department of mathematics succeeded in obtaining a license to accept students in the master's degree in Pure Mathematics, majoring in Geometry. Also, the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences and Statistics offers undergraduate students Bachelor of Science programs in Statistics. Department of Statistics has been admitted undergraduate students from 2010.