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Wednesday 4/8/2020
Laser Materials Processing Research Center
Tuesday 12/22/2020
Laser is undoubtedly one of the most prominent scientific and technical tools of the twentieth century. Laser technology is now one of the most advanced technologies in the world and it develops with a stunning speed. Foundation of the country's first Laser Material Processing Research Center at Malayer University has contributed to the rapid development of laser science and technology in the country. Also, from a national perspective, in addition to bringing about a sense of national pride, it confirms the importance and the pivotal role of laser technology in the development of the country, while from an international perspective, it will prove and manifest Iran's progress in science and technology to the region and the world.
Monitoring the progress of laser material processing worldwide, and introducing laser technology to various industries, especially aerospace, power plants, oil, gas, petrochemicals, and automotive industries as a useful and controllable tool with high automation capabilities in a wide range of industrial applications are the main tasks of the Laser Material Processing Center.
Laser Material Processing Research Center was established to advance and conduct applied, laboratory, numerical, and theoretical studies in industrial fields related to laser material processing such as laser welding, laser surface treatment, laser cutting, laser drilling, etc. Currently, the responsibility of this research center is on Dr. Mahmoud Moradi (Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Malayer University).
Malayer University Laser Materials Processing Research Center will have 3 research groups that will work in tandem, including:
1) Laser-assisted welding and surface engineering research group
2) Laser Machining Research Group
3) Laser Science and Technology Research Group