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Wednesday 4/8/2020
About Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Sunday 7/26/2020
The various fields of activity of civil and architectural engineers are directly related to providing the necessary infrastructure for today's life including designing, construction and maintenance of various residential, commercial, medical and industrial buildings, roads, railways, airports, bridges, ports, dams, water supply networks and urban wastewater collection systems. Therefore, the construction industry and other industries related to the aforementioned infrastructure are among the largest production sectors in the country and these industries can be considered as one of the opportunities for economic growth, increasing GDP and job creation. Accordingly, the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Malayer University, with the aim of further strengthening and developing faculty members, educational space and laboratory and research equipment of civil engineering and architecture departments, was separated from the School of Engineering after obtaining the approval of the university’s Board of Trustees in 2011. Of course, before the establishment of this school, the Department of Civil Engineering, as one of the most experienced educational departments of this university, had started its activities in September 2001 by enrolling students of associate degree in the field of Civil Engineering. Then, in 2007, with the admission of bachelor's degree students in Civil Engineering and in 2009, 2012 and 2013, respectively, with the admission of Master's Degree students in Civil Engineering – structure, Doctoral students in Civil Engineering - structure and Master's Degree students in Civil Engineering - Geotechnics, the department started to develop different educational levels in some disciplines of this field.
The Department of Architectural Engineering has officially started its activities since September 2009 by enrolling undergraduate students in the field of architectural engineering. And in recent years, with the aim of developing graduate courses, it has started to complete its faculty members.
Currently, about 650 undergraduate students, 100 graduate students and 9 doctoral students are studying in this school. So far, about 400 associate, 1500 bachelor’s, 200 master's, and 3 doctoral students have graduated from civil engineering and architecture departments.
The faculty members of this school have cooperated with institutions and executive organizations in the country, the province and the city and have implemented joint research projects in various fields. The School of Civil Engineering and Architecture has also been active in holding seminars and scientific congresses, and during recent years, several scientific congresses and various workshops have been held by this faculty.