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Wednesday 4/8/2020
About Architectural Engineering Department
Sunday 7/26/2020
Architecture is a kind of creative practice that aims to shape the living space of human beings and the scope of its realm includes responding to a wide range of human needs from connection with the environment and nature to the expression of his emotions and beliefs. Accordingly, the purpose of this field is to train people who can fertilize their talent in the proper formation of living spaces and have the ability to regulate and integrate the built environment according to local needs and conditions.
The Department of Architectural Engineering started its activities in September 2009 by admitting 45 undergraduate students in the field of architectural engineering. And in recent years, with the aim of developing graduate courses, it has made great efforts to complete its faculty members. Currently, about 330 undergraduate students are studying in this department. And so far, about 600 architects have graduated from this department.