Wednesday 4/8/2020
Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment
Saturday 9/26/2020
After the promotion of Malayer’s Teacher Training College to the Higher Education Complex, admission of students in 2000 began in two fields of Rangelands and Watershed Management Technology and Environmental Technology. With the development of the university, in 2007, the faculty began to grant admission to students in the following fields: Natural Resources Engineering - Rangelands and Watershed Management, Natural Resources Engineering – Environment, and discontinuous BA of Natural Resources - Rangelands and Watershed Management and Natural Resources - Environment. Malayer University succeeded in establishing the Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment in 2009 due to the increase in the number of students. And in 2010, it succeeded in obtaining a master's degree in Environmental Engineering, and since the beginning of October 2010, it has been accepting students for this level.