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Wednesday 4/8/2020
Vice-Presidency for Development and Support
Sunday 9/20/2020
As one of the most sensitive foundations of any society, the university has always been a place of education and edification. Great efforts are always needed to achieve great goals. To achieve these goals, the cooperation and efforts of various executive units are required.
Major duties of this deputy:
Collaboration with the President of the University for the best possible performance of the duties related to staff units, and attending the university's executive goals, and to apply the necessary coordination and supervision for the proper implementation of statutes, administrative, financial, employment, and organizational regulations, as well as applying sufficient supervision and creating the necessary facilities related to the implementation of development projects in accordance with the approvals of the Board of Trustees of the University with the cooperation of the covered units are as follows:
1. Finance
2. Administrative Affairs
3. Public Affairs
4. Procurement and Operation