Wednesday 4/8/2020
Sunday, September 20, 2020 Description of the Duties of the Vice-Presidency for Development and Support
• Collaboration with the President of the University for the best possible performance of the duties related to the university's staff units
• Attending to the university's executive goals and how workflows and procedures work in different units
• Creating coordination between activities related to the covered units and commenting on solving existing problems
• Supervising the proper implementation of all laws and regulations related to the administrative, employment, financial, transactional and legal affairs of the university
• Providing the necessary explanatory reports to the President of the University regarding the duties related to the supervised units
• Deciding on the work-plan of the subordinate units
• Participating in the councils, commissions, meetings and commenting on various administrative, employments, financial, transactional, and legal issues within the framework of regulations and maintaining the interests of the university
• Supervising, cooperating and commenting on the adjustment and preparation of the annual budget of the university and its proposal to the relevant authorities
• Preparation and implementation of staff welfare plans according to the university's facilities
• Carrying out the employment affairs and meeting the human resources needs of the university in accordance with the regulations that should be done in coordination with the management of the plans, programs, and budget
• Reviewing and proposing regulations related to the employment affairs of the faculty members to the competent authorities
• Collaboration with other independent vice-presidencies and units of the university in order to achieve the university’s educational, research and student goals
• Supervising the security and disciplinary affairs of the university in cooperation with the university's Security Unit