Wednesday 4/8/2020
About Faculty of Basic Sciences
Sunday 7/19/2020
Malayer University succeeded in obtaining the establishment license of the Faculty of Basic Sciences in 2010 with the increase of the number of students. The Faculty initially included Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology departments, but after the separation of the Faculty of Statistics and Mathematics, it includes Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
The Department of Biology started its work in 2010 by obtaining a license and accepting undergraduate students and in 2011, with taking essential perseverance, it succeeded in obtaining a master's degree in Plant Physiology. Currently, the group is recruiting students in 3 undergraduate majors, including Plant Biology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, and a master's degree in Physiology.
In 2009, the Physics Department began its work by obtaining a bachelor's degree for admission of undergraduate students and in 2010, it succeeded in obtaining a master's degree in Solid State Physics. In 2011, it succeeded in obtaining a license to accept students in the doctoral program of Solid State orientation. Currently, the department has a PhD in solid state, 2 master's degrees in solid state and photonics, and a bachelor's degree. And it is accepting students for all levels.
The Department of Applied Chemistry of the University started its activity in 2007 by obtaining a license for admission of undergraduate students. And in 2012, it succeeded in obtaining a license for a master's degree in physical chemistry. The department currently works in two bachelor's degrees in Applied Chemistry and a master's degree in Physical Chemistry.
The Faculty of Basic Sciences currently has 30 full-time faculty members who are teaching and active in the academic levels of associate professor and assistant professor in the mentioned departments.
In this Faculty, for the fields of Chemistry, Physics and Biology, basic laboratories with the necessary equipment are provided.
Currently, 1400 students are studying at this Faculty.