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About Physics Department
Monday 7/20/2020

Physics, Optics and Laser
Physics is the science of studying the properties of nature and its purpose is to study and analyze nature so that it can understand and predict the behavior of nature in different situations. The field of Physics is one of the oldest academic fields of study and it is the basis of many fields. The fields of Physics, Density, Photonics, and Optical and Laser Engineering orientations can be considered as areas that are more extensive in various fields of recent advances in science and industry.
Optics is a branch of physics that studies the behavior and properties of light and it is practical in many sciences. Laser also plays an important role in the increasing of industrial productions, expanding communications, and advancing the printing and medical industry due to its distinctive properties. In the field of Optical and Laser Engineering, students are introduced to different types of lasers, optical equipment and their applications, laser spectroscopy (measurement of wavelength and frequency), technology of making optical components, etc. And they will be able to design, manufacture, maintain and control the quality of optical and laser equipment in various fields. Graduates of the course, in addition to pursuing a master's degree in Physics, optics-laser orientation and a master's degree in Photonics, can work in areas such as optical, laser and electronic industries, telecommunications, light-based medical diagnostics and treatment, light and laser-related defense, artistic areas related to light and optics, and related services and entertainment.
Physics Department at Malayer University
Malayer University Physics Department started its activities in 2009 by obtaining a license and accepting undergraduate students in Physics. Currently, in addition to the undergraduate course in the Physics department of Malayer University, there are a master's and a doctoral course in Dense Material Physics, a master's degree in Photonics, and a bachelor's degree in Optical and Laser Engineering. Malayer University's Department of Physics currently has 14 faculty members in various physics majors, six of which are associate professors and the rest are assistant professors. The license for the Master of Physics course in Dense Material in 2010, PhD in Dense Material in 2011, the Master of Photonics in 2017 and the Bachelor’s degree for Optics and Laser Engineering in 2017 have been obtained from the Office of Development and Planning of Higher Education.
Currently, more than 440 students are studying in the physics department of Malayer University. Of these students, 200 are undergraduate students in Physics, 150 are in Optics and Laser Engineering, 30 are master's students in Dense Material, 20 are master's students in Photonics, and 30 are in doctoral programs.