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Wednesday 4/8/2020
Introduction of gamma and electron radiation center
Tuesday 12/22/2020
At present, the research institute for the application of radiation includes the centers of Tehran and Yazd. These research institutes are active in the field of radiation process of disposable medical, health, and food products, improvement of material properties, control and measurement of industrial processes, and production of some polymer products. Therefore, in response to the needs of the western part of the country to benefit from these facilities, Malayer University decided to establish a radiation center in the region with agricultural, medical, and industrial purposes. In the letter No. 10812, dated March 8, 2010, issued by the Radiation Protection Office of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, the University succeeded in receiving the initial approval for the establishment of a radiation center with an electron accelerator with MeV10 energy and a power of KW100.