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Wednesday 4/8/2020
About Faculty of Engineering
Sunday 7/26/2020
Faculty of Engineering established in 2007 at Malayer University. Currently, the Faculty of Engineering has five departments, (4 master level, and 5 bachelor level) with 29 full-time faculty members (7 Associate Professors, 22 Assistant Professors).
Faculty of Engineering is the largest faculty at Malayer University which has around 1500 students in the following fields:
• Electrical Engineering (Undergraduate)
• Electrical Engineering – Electrical Power (Graduate)
• Electrical Engineering – Telecommunications (Graduate)
• Computer Engineering – Software (Undergraduate)
• Mining Engineering (Undergraduate)
• Mechanical Engineering (Undergraduate)
• Mechanical Engineering - Applied design (Graduate)
• Materials Engineering (Undergraduate)
• Materials Engineering – Ceramics (Graduate)
The educational and research facilities of the Faculty of Engineering include 24 educational and research laboratories, 2 workshops, a library, and a computer lab for graduate students.