Wednesday 4/8/2020
Mechanical Engineering Department
Saturday 8/15/2020
Mechanical engineering may be considered as one of the most comprehensive engineering fields in terms of the variety of topics covered. The field of mechanical engineering includes all the sciences and technologies that are related to the production, conversion and use of energy, the creation and conversion of motion and work, the production and manufacture of parts, machinery, use of various materials in their manufacture, and design and control of mechanical, thermal and fluid systems. In other words, the technical calculations, modeling and simulation, design and preparation of drawings, developing a method for manufacturing, characterization and testing all machinery and facilities in the industries are based on the abilities of mechanical engineers. Mechanical engineering requires understanding concepts of statics, dynamics, thermodynamics, knowledge of materials, manufacturing methods, analysis of structures and electricity. Mechanical engineers apply the basic principles of force, energy, motion, and heat to design and manufacture the mechanical systems and devices and thermal processes. Mechanical engineers produce a wide range of devices, products and processes. These include engines and control systems, power plants, medical devices, gears, laser technology, computer-aided design.
Department of Mechanical Engineering was approved by Malayer Higher Education Institute in 2010 and established with a level of undergraduate students in 2011 by well-known professors. 
Currently, the department of Mechanical Engineering has 9 full-time faculty members (1 Associate Professors, 8 Assistant Professors) who are working and researching in various fields such as Forming, Dynamic, Laser Materials Processing, Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Controls, Vibrations, different aspect of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, Welding and Machining processes. The department has about 450 undergraduate and graduate students.
Now, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Malayer University is one of the most active and reputable departments with good national and international collaborations with different universities in common research interests.