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Research Institute of Grapes and Raisin (RIGAR)
Saturday 5/19/2018
The Research Institute of Grape and Raisin (RIGAR) is the Malayer university grape and raisin research organization affiliated with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran. It is dedicated to supporting the research needs in the grape and raisin industry in the country particularly the west part through world-class research, practical solutions, and knowledge transfer. Considering the regional potential of the grape and raisin production, The RIGAR was founded in Malayer in 2013, the home of over 12000 ha vineyards, 60 raisin production company as well as traditional grape molasses (syrup) producers. The RIGAR as an Independent National Research Institute attempts to broaden its mission and value since November 2018 following by the final enactment and approval of the Education Development Council of the ministry. The research institute has three distinct research departments as followed:
- Viticulture and grape breeding
- Grape conservation and products
- Grape environmental research
The Vision
The RIGAR plans to be known as one of the most prestigious centers for basic and applied research in the field of grape science and technology in Iran and worldwide emphasized Islamic-Iranian identity.

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