Wednesday 4/8/2020
Saturday, May 19, 2018 RIGARs most important activities

ü  Identification of overseas educational and research centers in the field of grapes and raisins related to research fields of the RIGAR.

ü  Introduction of RIGAR to researchers and practitioners of the grape and raisin industry at the national and international levels.

ü  Establish scientific communication between the faculty members of the RIGAR and researchers related to grapes and raisins in scientific and research centers and universities both inside and outside the country.

ü  Conducting scientific conferences and planned national workshops with the presence of researchers, farmers and practitioners of grape sciences.

ü  Invitation and coordination for the presence of famous researcher and viticulturist of inside and outside the country with the aim of presenting scientific lectures at RIGAR.

ü  Establishing coordination for the presence of faculty members at international conferences and meetings.

ü  Collaboration with international organizations such as the European Union in the under the Erasmus Plus project.

ü  Establishment of a pilot vineyard with a trellis training system (Y and V type training systems) and drip irrigation in the RIGAR's number 3 research vineyard.

ü  Establishing a collection of different grape cultivars.

ü  Establishing a fruit trees nursery with emphasis on grape propagation in RIGAR.