Wednesday 4/8/2020
Materials Engineering Department
Saturday 8/15/2020
Engineering and materials science have extensively used and large potential application in science and industry in a variety of materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, nanomaterials, biomaterials, etc. This department aims are to improve the properties of materials and develop new materials for a new generation of engineering, which is made possible by studying the structures of materials at the microscopic, atomic, and electron scales. Besides, in response to the growing demand for this specialization inside Malayer, which is located in the west of Iran between handicraft city of Hamedan and industrial city of Arak, the department of Materials Engineering was approved by Malayer Higher Education Institute in 2002 and established with a level of undergraduate students in the branch of Ceramics in 2003 by well-known professors. 
Now, the Department of Materials Engineering at Malayer University is one of the most active and reputable departments in the west of the country which is composed of undergraduate students in the branch of Industrial Metallurgy Engineering (that was renamed to Materials Engineering by the policy of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology), and graduate students in branch of Ceramics branch, which started their activity in 2010.
Of course, providing basic and applied teachings and research with the support of capable and experienced faculty members, and the help of appropriate educational and research facilities have a significant role in the success of this department. Currently, the department of Materials Engineering has 8 full-time faculty members (3 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professors, and one Study Officer) who are working and researching in various fields such as nanomaterials, ceramics, corrosion and protection of materials, composite materials, photo catalysts, new materials with applications of electrochemical energy storage, etc. The department has about 400 undergraduate and graduate students. Presenting new and applied research in the form of numerous international and domestic articles, admission of its students for the masters and doctoral degrees in the outstanding universities in the country, and of course, the employment of its alumni in related industries show the high quality of education and research in this group.