Wednesday 4/8/2020
Electrical Engineering Department
Saturday 8/15/2020
Department of Electrical Engineering at Malayer University is one of the active research-educational departments in the Faculty of Engineering which accepts both undergraduate and graduate students.
Currently, the department of Electrical Engineering has 7 full-time faculty members (2 Associate Professors, 5 Assistant Professors) who are working and researching in various fields such as power electronics, power systems, micro-grids, signal and image processing, and electrical machines. Department is equipped with specialized laboratories in the mentioned fields.
At present, the Department of Electrical Engineering teaches the students and conducts research and industrial projects in two levels of postgraduate studies and in Power Electronics-Electrical Machines, and Telecommunication Systems orientations. The department’s areas include signal and image processing, Optical Communications, Optical Electronics, Energy (micro-grids and new energies), Electric Machines (Design, Modeling and Optimization of Electric Machines, and Electric Drivers), and power electronics (design and manufacture of power electronics converters and switching power supplies). Educational and research activities of the Department of Electrical Engineering have led to the publication of numerous scientific articles in valid international journals indexed by ISI, conducting several industry-related research projects, and educating a large number of undergraduate and graduate students.