Wednesday 4/8/2020
Computer Engineering Department
Saturday 8/15/2020
Computer Department at Malayer University was established in 2001 after obtaining the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Science with a capacity of 30 students for Associate degree. The activity of this group continued in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, Software Orientation, in the Faculty of Engineering. And currently, the department has about 280 undergraduate students. The department has 2 faculty members and one scholarship holder. Professors from other universities in the province and neighboring provinces also help in the process of teaching.
Computer Engineering, according to the program approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in 2013, includes 4 majors at the undergraduate level which are Computer Architecture, Software, Safe Computing, and Information Technology. For now, only the Software orientation is being taught at Malayer University that focuses on the artificial intelligence.
The aim of the Computer Department programs is to train skilled human resources with the aim of responding to the market and the entrepreneurship in the city. In this regard, the strategy of the group is to form scientific, research and educational bases to found startups in various software fields.
Malayer University’s Computer Department Mission
- Training specialized and committed force
- To be familiar with technical and up-to-date computer engineering skills
- Having the ability to solve problems creatively
- Having software management and application ability
In order to solve the country’s problems and empower the active force required in the following areas, by prioritizing the issues of the city and the province:
- Artificial Intelligence
- Production of commercial software
- Computer network design and management
Computer Department Perspectives
- Providing a base for a relation with industry in order to maximize the recruitment of computer graduates in the labor market
- Developing entrepreneurship and information technology work opportunities in the city and the province
- Creating responsibility and the values of professional ethics in the students
- Presenting a scientific and active environment in order to attract students at the provincial level and capable professors in the field of computers
- Graduation of specialized human resources in the field of software who are committed to the country and the ideals of the revolution in order to serve the country and promote Islamic Iran
Orientations and Educational Levels
Computer Engineering (Undergraduate)