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Wednesday 4/8/2020
Fisheries Science and Engineering Department
Saturday 9/26/2020
The Fisheries is the science of sustainable and economic exploitation of water resources that is active in the world in both Aquaculture and Fishing. The fisheries industry in our country is relatively young compared to the developments in fishing in the world in the last 50 years. In this course, students become acquainted with the various sciences of animal, plant, and marine ecology as the foundation of fisheries, and study the aquatic life of inland and marine waters, how to reproduce aquaculture, fishing and how to process seafood. The importance of this discipline becomes clearer when we know that proper and sustainable use of marine resources, resource conservation and recovery, variety in and increasing the production, improving the quality of fishery products from production to consumption, the use of new genetic engineering technologies in fisheries, and employment and foreign exchange earnings are not possible without a scientific approach based on research findings in fisheries. In this regard, Malayer University’s field of Fisheries Engineering - Reproduction and Breeding started its activity in 2011 by obtaining a license and accepting students with three faculty members and one scholarship.