Wednesday 4/8/2020
About Civil Engineering Department
Sunday 7/26/2020
Since the beginning of Malayer University's activity as the Malayer Higher Education Complex in 2001, the Department of Civil Engineering started its activities by enrolling associate degree students in the field of Civil Engineering - General Building Works. After the successful graduation of students in several Civil Engineering courses and the recruitment of faculty members in various fields, since 2007, it has succeeded in enrolling undergraduate Civil Engineering students. This educational department, with the quantitative and qualitative development of its laboratories and employing more faculty members, succeeded in obtaining the admission license of Master of Civil Engineering - Structural students, PhD students of Civil Engineering – Structural Engineering, and Master of Civil Engineering – Geotechnical Engineering students respectively in the year 2009, 2012 and 2013. The development of postgraduate education in various fields of civil engineering is on the agenda of this educational group.
Currently, about 320 undergraduate students, 90 graduate students and 9 doctoral students are studying in this department. And so far, about 400 people have graduated in associate's degree, 900 in bachelor's degree, 200 in master's degree, and 3 in doctoral degree.