Wednesday 4/8/2020
About Department of Mathematical Sciences
Sunday 7/19/2020
The Department of Mathematics started its activities in 2000 by obtaining a license and accepting students in the field of pure mathematics. Later, in 2009-10, the department was successful in admitting students in Master’s program in the fields of Applied Mathematics (Numerical Analysis) and Pure Mathematics. In 2010, Pure Mathematics was changed to the field of Mathematics and Applications. In 2011, department of Mathematics began to accept PhD students in the fields of Pure Mathematic (Algebraic) and Applied Mathematics (Numerical Analysis). Currently, the Department of Mathematics accepts students in the following fields and levels:
- Bachelor’s program in Mathematics and Applications
- Master's programs in Pure Mathematics (Algebraic, Analytical and Geometric) and Applied Mathematics (Numerical Analysis)
- PhD programs in Pure Mathematics (Algebra) and Applied Mathematics (Numerical Analysis)