Wednesday 4/8/2020
Saturday, September 12, 2020 Student Affairs Duties
- Preparing and compiling various programs in the field of student affairs
 - Implementing the policies set regarding the student welfare and dormitories
 - Arranging the necessary programs to establish proper communication between professors and students
 - Planning for accommodation of students and setting its rules, as well as providing and managing student dormitories and taking care of their disciplinary issues
 - Providing services related to providing financial aid and student loans to eligible students
Carrying out matters related to the settlement of loans of the Student Welfare Fund
 - Supervising and coordinating all student affairs of schools and educational departments
 - Supervising the good administration of self-service and student dormitories in terms of quality and quantity, nutrition and environmental health
 - Planning to employ students in various matters
 - Planning for the optimal use of students' leisure time and the health of their body and soul
 - Supervising the performance of counseling affairs and providing the necessary guidance in the fields of education, career and personal to students
- Reflecting student supervision and suggestions to university officials.
 - Assessing the personnel, logistics and equipment needs of the affiliated units and reflecting to the relevant authorities of the university or other authorities.
 - Planning for sports olympiads and sports festivals within the university.
 - Selecting sports coaches for different active sports during the school year.
 - Monitoring the performance of sports coaches and controlling their performance.
 - Implementing the policies set regarding sports activities
- Planning and arranging sports programs for students and staff and monitoring their proper implementation.
 - Creating the necessary facilities as well as encouraging students and university staff to participate in sports activities.
 - Supervising the maintenance and operation of facilities, fields and sports facilities of the university with the cooperation of relevant units.
 - Predicting and supervising the provision of sports equipment needed by students and staff.
 - Holding sports competitions and supervising their proper performance.
 - Evaluating students' work on the sports unit by performing the necessary tests.
 - Managing all physical education affairs of university students.
 - Providing the necessary facilities for the expansion and generalization of various sports in the university.
 - Proposing the necessary programs to the Sports Council and preparing its minutes and implementing related programs.
 - Performing other tasks assigned by the superior authority