Wednesday 4/8/2020
Saturday, September 12, 2020 Duties of Dormitories Office
The dormitories office is a subdivision of the management of student affairs and its purpose is to address the students' demand for dormitories and provide better services in this regard. The most important activities that are carried out in the dormitory office in accordance with the rules of the Welfare Fund and the decisions of the University Dormitory Council are as follows:
1- Student accommodation
 2- Supervising the performance of dormitory staff in order to provide optimal services to resident students
 3- Forming a dormitory council consisting of the student vice presidency, the general director of student affairs, the head of the dormitory department, the head of the girls' dormitory, the dormitory supervisors and the student managers with the aim of improving the quality and quantity of welfare services and trying to solve existing problems.  (According to the suggestions of student representatives in the University Guild Council)
 4- Inspecting and examining the problems of dormitories on a daily basis and submitting the necessary reports to the student management to order the necessary measures.
5- Supervising the observance of all general and disciplinary rules of the dormitory by the students and submitting the necessary reports to the relevant authorities.
 6- Membership of the university in the specialized dormitory committee of the Student Welfare Fund, along with prominent universities, in order to improve the quality and quantity of services to students and participate in the first meeting of this committee at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in August 2006.
 7- Pursuing to receive rent for dormitories in cash and sending a report to the Student Welfare Fund in order to receive repair and equipment credits
 8- Pursuing to sign a contract with self-governing dormitories before the beginning of the academic year
 9- Registration, rating and announcing the eligible for accommodation in government dormitories
10- Introducing all the employees of the self-governing dormitories to the Police Department of Places in order to receive the approval of this department that the mentioned activity is unobstructed in the student environment.
 11- Submitting monthly statistics of students living in self-governing dormitories to student management to pay subsidies (assistance to pay dormitory rent)
 12 - Issuance of traffic cards in dormitories for students living in dormitories
 13 - Student dormitory debt settlement
 14- Prioritization of self-governing dormitories in order to determine the rent of dormitories in the next academic year
 15 - Membership and participation in the organizing committee of student dormitories in Malayer city