Wednesday 4/8/2020
Saturday, September 12, 2020 About Dormitories Office
The dormitory office covers a wide range of activities in the area of student affairs and is related to the most important concern of students' lives that is the providing dormitories and controlling their conditions. The most important activities that are performed in this office are as follows:
 - Providing suitable accommodation for students in accordance with what the university has promised to students
 - Controlling and monitoring the performance of dormitory supervisors and managers in the categories of security, safety, health, and welfare of dormitories
 - Providing dormitory needs within the existing standards and trying to improve the quality and level of welfare of dormitory life
 - Preparing the necessary instructions and procedures for managing the dormitories
 - Arranging contracts related to dormitories
 - Executing and operating circulars and upper hand bylaws in the field of dormitories
 - Following-up of various issues and issues of student dormitory in this office
 - Receiving and handling students' complaints and problems in the field of dormitory