Wednesday 4/8/2020
Wednesday, September 09, 2020 About Plan, Program, and Budget Office
  • Carrying out all matters related to preparing and compiling the university budget in coordination with the president of the university
  • Planning, organizing activities and proposing the annual budget in accordance with the priorities of the university
  • Integrating and adjusting the proposed budgets in the form of goals and general policy of the university
  • Reviewing and exchanging detailed budget of expenditure credits and acquisition of capital assets with the relevant ministry
  • Continuous study and review of organizational tasks of the university and units and how to work in them according to the university development plan
  • Reviewing and exchanging agreements related to construction activities with the Vice-President for Planning and strategic oversight of the President
  • Carrying out organizational surveys in order to plan and estimate the required human resources of the university in cooperation with the administrative and financial department
  • Preparation and adjustment of organizational chart and positions in accordance with the duties and responsibilities of the affiliated units of the university with the cooperation of relevant units
  • Preparation and compilation of the necessary statistics about the activities, forces and factors in the university and its affiliated units (personnel and budget), in order to apply a correct and logical opinion in the university management
  • Studying and identifying the educational and internship needs of non-educational staff and implementing training programs for these staff
  • Active participation in councils and committees and commenting on related issues
  • Planning for continuous improvement of management and increasing productivity in the process of education, research, and technology with regard to meritocracy, initiative, and creativity and increasing organizational participation and flexibility
  • Supporting, directing and supervising the productivity and administrative transformation activities of the university
  • Planning to provide the physical spaces of the university, in order to develop and expand the required educational spaces and take action to provide the required development credit
  • Preparing and compiling a comprehensive plan of the university and providing land and facilities while considering the development of higher education
  • Proposing university’s development budgets for approval in the annual budget of the country
  • Reviewing development plans and proposals of the university units for development according to the approved priorities, facilities, and credits and also based on the approved directives and instructions and following up the budget of construction projects until the final stage
  • Performing other tasks assigned by the superior authority