Wednesday 4/8/2020
Wednesday, September 09, 2020 Duties of Plan, Program, and Budget Office
  • Cooperation with managers and heads of units in preparing and adjusting the budget
  • Collecting the proposed budgets by different units and reviewing the proposed programs and credits
  • Communicating the approved budget of each unit (if necessary) and monitoring its proper implementation by observing the use of funds and measuring the progress of operations in each unit
  • Defending the proposed budget in the review authorities
  • Communicating the approved budget to each unit and allocating the approved credits in quarterly courses to university units
  • Maintaining accounts and budget credit offices according to the activities and executive programs of the university and supervising the implementation of the budget of the units
  • Collaborating with the administrative, support and legal Vice-Presidency in forecasting the required manpower of the university
  • Continuously reviewing the organizational tasks of the university and units and their workflow according to the university’s development plan
  • Continuous study and review in the organization and the duties of the affiliated units in order to properly separate and divide the duties between the units and to prevent duplication and interference of university duties
  • Planning and providing a way to improve work methods and administrative transformation and productivity
  • Communicating with experts from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology for amendments and changes in the organization of the university
  • Preparing and arranging the job description of the units as well as the job description of the university organizational positions and notifying them to the units after the approval of the Board of Trustees
  • Reviewing the proposals of the units regarding the change and modification of organizational positions and description of duties and preparing necessary reports and taking necessary measures to solve their organizational problems
  • Studying, reviewing, and cooperating in the classification of employees' jobs
  • Identifying and determining the job field of organizational positions according to job classification schemes
  • Cooperating with the administrative, support and legal Vice-Presidency in holding tenders and concluding contracts with consulting companies and contractors for development projects
  • Supervising the proper implementation of university’s development projects
  • Examining the financial statements of development projects
  • Implementation of security and required plans of the university
  • Planning and providing supplies and materials required for development projects
  • Supervising the implementation of construction and installation projects as well as major repairs and maintenance of buildings of different university units
  • Preparing a map of university’s development plans
  • Gathering the necessary information for budgeting the university development projects
Performing other tasks assigned by the superior authority