Wednesday 4/8/2020
Wednesday, September 09, 2020 Duties of Legal Affairs
Currently, the Legal Affairs department is a subdivision of the Presidency of the university and is responsible for doing the following:
  • Arranging and concluding contracts with individuals
  • Participating in the Contracts Committee, the Tenders and Auctions Commission, and commenting within the framework of the relevant laws, regulations, and by-laws of the University
  • Counseling and guiding the clients, professors, and university staff
  • Corresponding with judicial authorities when needed
  • Filing lawsuits against the university and defending lawsuits against the university in all authorities (judicial or non-judicial) and throughout the proceedings
  • Following up and acting regarding the implementation of the obligations of those who refuse to commit the scholarships of the university and the relevant ministry through the registration implementation unit or the courts with the reference of the superior authority and the relevant ministry
  • Providing advice for drafting statutes and regulations required by the university
  • Creating legal archives and maintaining and classifying approvals
  • Pursuing matters related to the transfer of university property and obtain a title deed
  • Holding and supervising matters related to university tenders and transactions
  • Advising and providing legal guidance to various units of the university
  • Performing all tasks assigned by the superior authority within the framework of the relevant duties
  • Presence of the legal representative in the Administrative and Financial Council, the Committee for Supervision of Publications, the Board for Supervision of Open-minded Chairs, the Board for Administrative Violations and the Disciplinary Committee for Employees
  • Being the representative of the President of the University in the tender meetings of the Technical Office of the University
  • Advertising and holding auctions and sales of property and scrapped cars of the university
Judicial actions to enforce government rights
A- Penal Affairs
Such as (embezzlement, fraud, betrayal of trust, theft, forgery, abuse, etc.) steps of which are as follows:
  • Filing a complaint and a gravamen
  • Filing a case in the relevant departments of the court
  • Following up through law enforcement authorities (police station, intelligence)
  • Introducing the representative and participating at the appointed time and following up until the result is obtained and the vote is carried out
B- Legal Affairs
  • Preparation of a legal petition
  • Submitting the petition to the competent judicial authority to review and prepare the necessary documents
  • Participating in hearings after scheduling
  • Notifying the sentence issued and following up on the execution of the sentence
  • Investigating and responding to lawsuits filed against and against the university
  • Investigation and responding to penal cases
  • Reviewing and participating in the hearings of the Administrative Court of Justice
  • Investigating, responding to and participating in the hearings of the Court of Administrative Justice related to the complaints of private and legal persons against the university and its affiliated institutions, especially the educational units and human resources
Reviewing and examining the contracts
1. Preparing and drafting the text of the contracts of different units with private and legal persons under the supervision of the Legal Department
  • Installation, technical, construction, civil, and painting contracts.
  • Service. Catering, traffic service, and rent contracts.
  • Contracts for the purchasing equipment (foreign exchange), and hardware.
  • Educational, research and advertising, and consulting for publishing books and magazines contracts.
  • Contracts for engine room maintenance service for facilities, construction, transportation, installation and commissioning.
  • Software design and planning contracts
2. Preparation and adjustment of the text of amendments and agreements related to contracts
3. Participating in the contracts committee, preparing and sending minutes of meetings for committee members
Checking Registration Affairs
  • Supervising and issuing executive requests for binding documents in order to receive the rights of the university and the government
  • Gathering the necessary documents regarding the properties that are objected to by natural and legal persons during the registration procedures
  • Preparation and preparation of documents (formal-informal) of transactions such as buying and selling mortgage
Application for a document for properties for which no document has been issued yet