Wednesday 4/8/2020
Saturday, January 21, 2017 Duties of the Presidency
-Supervising the proper implementation of the educational, research, cultural, student, financial, construction, scientific services, national and international contact affairs, coordination of different departments, and responding to the legal authorities
- Specifying the university's administrative policy within the scientific, research, and educational framework
- Directing the university's research, educational cultural, administrative, financial, and construction activities
- Presenting the yearly report to the Board of Trustees
-Supervising the proper implementation of university's current affairs, probable negligence and wrongdoing, and delivering it to the legal authorities
-Managing the university's administrative and financial affairs with the established regulations
- Assigning and dismissal of the Board members, the schools’ deans and departments’ heads
- Implementing the regulations specified by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT)
-Providing and proposing policy and guidelines to the Board of Trusties
-Recommending the establishment, development, dissolution, and merging to the University's council
-Recommending scientific cooperation with other domestic and foreign educational or research centers to the university’s Executive Council
- Representing the university in legal authorities
- Supervising the university's disciplinary affairs (faculty members, students, and personnel) within the established regulations
- Recommending the organizational chart and the required modification (with coordination of the Executive Board) to the Board of Trustees.
- Recommending the yearly budget (with coordination of the Executive Board) to the Board of Trustees.
- Recommending the distribution and assigning sabbatical leaves and short term courses to the faculty members according to the regulations to the MSRT