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Wednesday 4/8/2020
Faculty of Agriculture
Sunday 6/21/2020
Faculty of Agriculture, Malayer University was established in 2012 with the goal of providing specialized and skilled manpower in the fields related to agriculture. However, the activity of agricultural fields started in 2007 by obtaining a license from the field of Soil Science Engineering (Edaphology) and then from the Landscape Engineering (2008), Animal Science (2010) and Production Engineering and Plant Genetics (2012). Quantitative and qualitative increase of research, educational and service activities and propagation in the field of agricultural knowledge require rational investment, creativity and the use of new methods. The overall purpose of establishing such a Faculty in Malayer, which has an agricultural-based economy, was to provide manpower at the undergraduate and graduate levels to promote activities related to the planning, production and maintenance of agricultural products. Currently, the Faculty has four departments of Soil Science, Animal Science, Landscape Engineering, and Production Engineering and Plant Genetics.
The educational activities of the Faculty of Agriculture of Malayer University started in September 2007 with the admission of 60 undergraduate students in the field of Soil Sciences. In the following years, the undergraduate courses in Landscape Engineering, Animal Sciences, Production Engineering and Plant Genetics, Agricultural Biotechnology, and Production Engineering and Plant Genetics were added. In 2012, the Faculty accepted graduate students in the field of Animal Sciences, and in the following years, other fields started to accept graduate students in soil science and horticulture, as well. The Faculty welcomes about 350 undergraduate and graduate students in various fields in the departments of Soil science , Landscape Engineering, Animal Sciences Engineering, and Production Engineering and Agricultural Genetics in the current academic year (2019-2020).
Since its establishment, the Faculty has had about 1100 graduates at different levels of education and in various fields of study. The results of the research activities of the faculty members in recent years have had useful and valuable effects on agricultural planning in executive institutions. The faculty members have cooperated with institutions and executive organizations at the national, provincial and city levels. And they have implemented joint educational, research and consulting projects in various fields. The Faculty has also been active in holding seminars and scientific congresses and workshops over the years. At first, it had a setting up officer (Dr. Mehrdad Mirsanjari) and since 2013 it has been managed by Dr. Mehrdad Mirsanjari, Dr. Behrooz Mohammadparast and Dr. Mousa Rasouli. Since October 2017, Dr. Shahriar Mahdavi has been appointed as the first dean for the Agricultural Sciences Faculty in this university.