Wednesday 4/8/2020
Plant Production and Genetics Department
Wednesday 11/25/2020
Iran is a country that has actual agricultural potentials and agriculture is one of the main axes in the country's development plans. Agricultural development requires skilled manpower that can perform agricultural operations related to crops and horticulture based on new scientific findings and achieve the highest restitution and crop in the use of resources. For this purpose, in order to provide committed and specialized manpower in the field of agriculture and plant breeding to achieve self-sufficiency in the field of food and industrial raw materials, it is necessary to train specialists who can use their knowledge and experience to economically produce agricultural products scientifically. And make the most of the existing facilities of the country and also serve in research, education and agricultural planning. The Department of Agriculture and Plant Breeding of Malayer University started its activities in 2012 with the permission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Dr. Majid RostamiBoroujeni was in charge of setting up and the first director of the agriculture department. Then in 2015, he succeeded in obtaining a license for Agricultural Biotechnology at the undergraduate level.  The undergraduate course in Agricultural Biotechnology contains a range of sciences and technologies in tissue culture, molecular genetics, microbiology, biochemistry and genetic engineering. The purpose of holding this course was to train committed and specialized experts who, by learning and applying new sciences and techniques, can improve the agricultural situation and increase their efficiency in various fields of agriculture, including agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, etc. It is worth mentioning that in 2017, with the combination of agriculture and plant breeding and agricultural biotechnology, the field of plant production and genetics engineering was approved by the High Council for the Development of Higher Education and the department accepted students in this field since 2017. The department's name was changed from agriculture and plant breeding to plant production and genetics.
The Department of Plant Production and Genetics of Malayer University currently has six faculty members with the rank of assistant professor and tries to take steps towards the efficient development of the agricultural sector through educational and research activities and provide technical knowledge of production for farmers. The main purpose of this department is to educate and guide students in various new scientific and research affairs and to pave the way for the development of entrepreneurial graduates, as well as to benefit from the group's capabilities to create two-way interaction with scientific, research and industrial environments and international relations. Currently, the department has the following majors in undergraduate and graduate courses:
Undergraduate Level
Plant Production and Genetics Engineering
Agricultural and Plant Breeding Engineering
Agricultural Biotechnology
Plant Production and Genetics Engineering is the knowledge of applying the principles of agronomy and genetics in the production of food products with special attention to the conservation of natural resources, environment and optimal use of agricultural inputs. The purpose of this field is to train experts to work in the fields of agricultural production and production environments of agricultural products and greenhouses. These experts can work as researchers in private and public institutions or as lecturers in agricultural conservatories and similar scientific institutes. Or privately produce high-quality agricultural products in agricultural joint stock companies. Plant Plant Production and Genetics Engineering major is designed in such a way that most courses are done practically and professionally.

Job opportunities of plant production and genetics engineering in Iran
- As a manager or executor of public and private production units of farmers
 - As an expert and planner in various fields of production and racial improvement in public and private organizations
 - As an instructor in agricultural training centers (vocational schools) and conducting research in agricultural research units

Graduate Level
Engineering in the Production of Greenhouse Products
Considering the advantages and potentials of greenhouse production in order to increase the efficiency of using water, land, fertilizer, etc., and due to problems such as drought, lack of suitable arable soil, this production method has widely received special attention in the world and Iran. In the production of greenhouses for agricultural products, new and special topics and points such as technical points related to the structure of the greenhouse and its associated systems, greenhouse climate management, plant physiology in the greenhouse, special management of pests and diseases, etc. are presented that are discussed and taught with more focus and reflection in this orientation of Master's course (degree).

Job Opportunities of Engineering in the Production of Greenhouse Products in Iran
 - Construction of greenhouses and production of greenhouse products
 - Performing educational activities in various fields of horticulture
 - Planning executive affairs and construction of horticultural production units
- Conducting the necessary research to solve the problems of the horticulture sector
 - Providing scientific and technical advice to the commercial units of the horticulture sector in order to increase productivity and added value