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Wednesday 4/8/2020
Landscape Department
Wednesday 11/25/2020
Horticulture is a collection of science, technology and art in the fields of botany, plant physiology, soil science and plant nutrition, plant genetics and breeding, herbal medicine, fruit growing, vegetable growing, floriculture, medicinal plants and landscaping. The purpose of creating these courses is to train people who can be experts and serve in various fields of production, regional and studies planning, as well as as instructors in training centers and agricultural research units or as managers and executors of public and private production units in the agricultural sector. Graduates of horticultural sciences can work as producers or employees in agro-industrial complexes, flower and plant breeding companies, offices, organizations and agricultural extension and executive centers of the country. Landscape Engineering is an interdisciplinary field that is derived from horticultural engineering, architectural engineering and civil engineering. The purpose of establishing this field is to study in the field of design, planting and cultivation of plants and combining plant sciences with architecture. Therefore, graduates of this field can play an active role in landscape engineering projects, garden and park designs, etc.
 Undergraduate Course
The undergraduate course in this educational department includes the field of Landscape Engineering, which was established in 2008 after receiving a student admission license. The first head of the department was Mr. Mahmoud GhorbaniMarghshi. The undergraduate course has 137 ECTS.
graduate Course
Landscape Engineering Department, with the aim of training people who can make good use of existing talents and improve the quantity and quality of garden products by solving problems, as well as to train specialists to teach courses related to gardening and some related sciences at the undergraduate level at Agricultural schools and colleges, has been accepting students for master's degree in plant production engineering since 2014 with a tendency to improve horticultural plants. Simultaneously with the revision of the names of some fields in the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the orientations of plant production engineering became obsolete and the department proceeded to attract students for a master's degree in horticultural engineering - physiology and improvement of fruit trees orientation. It is worth mentioning that due to the existence of specialized faculty members and the follow-ups done, at the beginning of 2020, a license was accepted to enroll students in the master's degree program in horticultural engineering - physiology and breeding of medicinal and aromatic plants orientation. Students pas 33 ECTS in this course. At present, the Department of Landscape has 2associate professor faculty member, 2 assistant professor faculty members, and 3 instructors (in charge of doctoral studies)with different orientations and related to the field of horticultural engineering, green space and biotechnology work in this department.