Wednesday 4/8/2020
Thursday, July 16, 2020 IT Center Duties
• Installing and upgrading the information systems such as academic, research, library, nutrition and finance systems
• Administrating the university's intranet
• Administrating the Internet connection and data works
• Establishing, maintaining, and developing the data centers
• Integrating the data and providing services to have web-based access
• Hardware and software supports for the university systems
• Implementing and issuing the specified policies by the IT council

Duties of the IT Administration Center Units
IT administration includes six units, each of which has their own duties explained.
Support and services unit: This unit provides services for the computer systems, maintains them (except the sites and servers) and fixes their problems. All required software and installed and administered by this unit.
• Preparing the computer systems (installation of windows, drivers, software, printers, etc).
• Maintaining the systems (upgrading the windows, anti-viruses, etc).
• Establishing the network access services for the users (the Internet, file sharing, E-mail services, etc).
• Installation of specialized software (Widows, drivers, general purpose software, printers, etc).
• Maintaining computers (upgrading Widows, anti-viruses, etc).
• Establishing the network access services for users (the Internet, file sharing, e-mail services).
• Installation of specialized software for different units and teaching how to use them

Network and Infrastructure Development Unit:
This unit deals with all active and passive activities of network. Administration of the university's networks and providing security is done by this unit.

• Maintaining the university's networks (providing network services for all users)
• Establishing required networks (network needs assessment, implementation strategies, and pursuing the implementation process)
• Distributing and administrating the Internet band width
• Providing security for all services and access to different sources and making security policies (regarding software and servers)
• Establishing the required connection for users, IT units managers and contracting companies
• Security configuration of the current university servers
• Establishing the required Web services (E-mail, FTP, ISA, etc.)
• Administration of the Web users (access time, access level, etc.)
• Installing the operating systems and required software (SQL server, running and configuring the servers)
• Pursuing the installation process of the purchased software’s and cooperation with contractors in the server part
• Providing connection for the contractors to access the servers
• Maintaining servers and data bases (upgrading Windows, anti-viruses, to have back-up files form data bases)

Training Unit
This unit deals with using and administering the computer systems and boosting the staff knowledge in the field of IT.

• Training the systems and services users (providing pamphlets, training course, etc.)
• Identifying the problems raised by the software users (the Word, operating Widows, etc.)
• Needs assessment for providing specialized software training courses by contracting )
• Organizing various training courses for the staff
• Organizing training courses for IT experts
• Updating bulletin boards and the materials on the web site

Hardware Unit
Needs assessment, supply and maintenance of computers, spare parts and hardware equipment is done by this unit.
• Recording specifications for all the computer systems and upgrading them
• Providing services for computers and defective equipment’s.
• Finding the need for computer or spare parts and providing specifications for purchasing
• Managing the hardware inventory
• Managing transfer of computers at the University

IT unit:
This unit is commissioned to study and identify the needs of IT section and investigate the suggested plans.
• Investigating IT infrastructure requirements
• Studying the recommended IT projects and needs assessments
• Studying the requirements of the approved projects
• Piloting the approved projects
• Studying and examining the conducted works in other universities
• Studying new issues

Sites management unit:
the unit is responsible for maintaining and managing the University's sites.
• Maintaining and upgrading the sites (updating Windows, anti-viruses, general and specialized software)
• Installing the required software for the students
• Providing the students services
• Presenting new services at sites management