Wednesday 4/8/2020
Thursday, July 16, 2020 Central Library and Information Center Duties
• Estimating the required funds for purchasing books and journals
• Subscription and purchasing the needed books and journals
• Providing the video and audio materials for various uses of students
• Publication affairs of the university
• Binding the books and journals in the library
• Providing reports about the activities conducted for the authorities
• Providing books on different fields of study
• Reviving and republishing old and distinguished texts
• Cooperating with national and international academic centers
• Collecting, storing, making available and presenting scientific books and journals
• Classifying and indexing books and journals for the ease of access
• Contacting with national and international academic centers and publication agents for establishing an efficient library system
• Coordinating and supervising the works of the other libraries at the schools
• Training the newly employed librarians
• Ordering and purchasing books and journals from domestic and international sources