Wednesday 4/8/2020
Tuesday, December 12, 2017 About Central Library and Information Center
In this era, information is considered a vital and inseparable part of the economic, social, and cultural development of different societies. People in the age of "information explosion" and "information pollution" need comprehensive information that is classified and made available to them as soon as possible. Today, the United Nations considers the state of libraries in the world as one of the indicators of the qualitative and quantitative growth of countries. In modern times, universities have been at the forefront of progress and development of research and production of knowledge, and are important in developing and expanding the culture of study and human growth and development. And the libraries have always been the providers of information. University libraries are part of the university's organizational structure and are created to serve the organization's goals. Therefore, its goal should be to advance the university in fulfilling its duties. Because the importance of the libraries is increasing day by day, and as a center for collecting and disseminating scientific information, as well as providing research facilities for researchers, it is of great importance. It is almost impossible to imagine a university without a library.