Wednesday 4/8/2020
Research facilities of Malayer University
Saturday, December 26, 2020 laboratory and workshop facilities
Malayer University has suitable educational, laboratory and workshop facilities compared to its peer universities. It has more than 90 equipped educational classes, 23 laboratories, 7 workshops and 10 computer sites including more than 275 computers, available for research to faculty members, doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students, and also to researchers and students of other centers. For instance, Shahid Farhad Tuski's Central Library is one of these centers which covers a significant part of the laboratorial and research activities. The following advanced tools and instruments are active in this center, among many others, for the purpose of research: atomic absorption; HPLC; XRD; 1800rpm Refrigerated Centrifuge; GC; Soxhlet; Physical Coefficient Measuring Device of Agricultural Products; 70ºC Deep Freeze; Germinator 600.