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Wednesday 4/8/2020
Vice-Presidency of Education and Graduate Studies
Saturday 9/26/2020
Powerful presence and life in today's world is not possible except in the light of scientific prosperity and development. In such circumstances, our religious attitudes and beliefs, along with the rich Iranian-Islamic culture, are also connected to further scientific growth and maturity. In this century, when the accuracy and speed of scientific and technical developments have accelerated more than before, knowledge is the most important asset of the countries. And the fallacy of relying on underground raw materials such as oil and gas instead of relying on human talents has become more apparent. In the meantime, universities, as responsible, idealistic, and responsive institutions to the needs of the society in the competitive world of the future, have a serious role in promoting the social power and status of the society. In this regard, the university's Deputy of Education has very great responsibilities. The most important one is to lay the groundwork and create the necessary conditions for educating talented, creative, entrepreneurial, and ethical youth through the design, implementation, and control of educational mechanisms, evaluation, and use of capable, experienced, and motivated faculty members. This field has a duty within the framework of rules and instructions issued by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and by interacting and benefiting from the support of other parts of the university and related departments in the Ministry's headquarters in order to achieve the university’s educational and development goals, and scientific growth.