Wednesday 4/8/2020
Saturday, April 11, 2020 Proposed research groups of the Furniture and Wood Carving Research Center and related faculty members


Name of Research Center

Head of Research Group

Faculty Members


Furniture Design and Engineering

Mr. Nima Deymari

Mr. Hosseni Rezaei, Mr. Nima Deymari, Mr. Arash Hosseini, Mr. Hamidreza Eftekhari


Materials and Manufacturing Technology

Mr. Iman Pazhouhan

Mr. Farhad Ghasemi, Mr. Iman Pazhouhan, Ms. Fatemeh Taheri, Mr. Mahmood Moradi, Mr. Ali Shanaghi


Furniture Management and Marketing

Mr. Mohammad Piri

Ms. Fataneh Yarahmadi, Mr. Seyyed Mahdi Mirmahdi, Mr. Mohammad Piri


Wood Preservation and Modification

Mr. Mahmood Naseri

Ms. Azam Shiri, Mr. Rad Chegel, Mr. Mahmood Naseri, Mr. Mohammad Yeganeh Ghotbi

1- Department of Furniture Design and Engineering:

The main activities of this workgroup are: Research and analysis on furniture design and analysis, mechanical properties of wood and furniture structures, quality and strength permissible, design loads, under load and force structure behavior, bending member design, compression and tension design, building panels design, furniture structure analysis, diaphragms and shear walls, layered design, bending and arch design, structural design and mechanical fittings, factor engineering study humanization, design and drawing of executive plans, technical calculations, new product design methods, design related software, ergonomics of wooden products, principles and practices of carving.

2- Materials and Technology Group:

In this work, research on raw materials and furniture manufacturing process includes: recognition, technology and preparation of various raw materials used in furniture production and their characteristics, modern and green raw materials in production, mechanical conversion industries and chemical, mechanical quality determination of materials, defects of raw materials, standard and grading of raw materials, types of paints and finishes, principles and methods of painting and polishing wood, all types of wood adhesives whether chemical or natural (plant and animal), physical and chemical properties of adhesives used in the furniture industry, how they are bonded to wood, and the factors affecting them, various woodworking and manufacturing methods, enhancing the quality of wooden structures using nanotechnology, automation and manufacturing machinery, painting and polishing, natural and synthetic coatings and their use in the furniture industry, new technologies in machinery, production process control, new production process control techniques, and so on.

3- Furniture Management and Marketing Department:

Research and management research and planning in the three main areas of supply, production and distribution of wooden structures including: production planning, material flow analysis, design of operations and work areas, value chain, supply chain, market making, marketing and commerce, strategic production and sales planning, supply and sales networks, organizational competence, customer expectations and branding, target market identification and rivals, customer relationship management, sustainable development, quality planning and organizing, investments in manufacturing and service units, production costs and their analysis, and so on.

4- Wood Conservation and Correction Department:

Investigation on the destruction and durability of wood structures, corrosion behavior, biological destruction, caries, wood preservation-modification and preservation methods, various protective treatments, industrial protection methods, protective materials, disinfectants, physical control methods, stabilizers, health and safety, maintenance and restoration of wooden structures, etc.