Wednesday 4/8/2020
Sunday, September 27, 2020 Duties of the Cultural and Social Planning Management
The General Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs is one of the managements of the cultural deputy of the university and is responsible for the following duties:
 1- Planning, directing and supervising the cultural activities of the university
 2- Providing the necessary facilities for the expansion and generalization of cultural activities of academics
 3- Encouraging students to participate in cultural and artistic programs
 4- Establishing relations and joint cooperation with cultural centers and institutions inside and outside the country
5- Studying, examining and identifying the cultural problems of academics, the intellectual needs of the audience, the fields and causes of vulnerability and thinking about cultural solutions
 6- Creating the necessary facilities to acquaint academics with the harms and challenges of society in the field of civilization, religious and national culture
 7- Preparing the ground for students to get acquainted and establish their relations with scientific and cultural institutions and institutes and acquaintance with scholars, thinkers and scholars
 8- Creating suitable grounds for presenting students' cultural and artistic works in the form of student exhibitions
 9- Supporting the cultural activities of student organizations in promoting the political, cultural and Islamic vision of the university
 10- Forming cultural, artistic, literary and religious centers with a creative, responsible and compassionate approach in attracting interested students
 11- Holding various ceremonies of honoring and commemorating scientists and sages
 12- Holding various programs to fill the academic time of academics such as educational classes, cultural and artistic competitions, (training) camps, cultural and artistic exhibitions, festivals, etc.