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Monday, April 06, 2020 Conference topics
3-1- The scientific part:

3-1-1- Furniture design and engineering (Design and analysis of furniture structure, engineering study of human factors, design and drawing of executive plans, technical calculations, new methods of product design, ergonomics of wood products, principles and methods of woodcarving, etc.)

3-1-2- Materials and manufacturing technology (New materials in production, mechanical and chemical conversion industries, determination of mechanical quality of materials, types of paints and polishes, principles and methods of painting and polishing wood,automation and production machinery, painting and polishing, natural and artificial coatings and the conditions of their use in the furniture industry, new technologies in machinery, etc.)

3-1-3- Furniture management and marketing (Marketing, marketing and business, strategic production and sales planning, supply and sales networks, organizational competence, customer expectations and branding, target market identification and competitors, customer relationship management, etc.)

3-1-4- Wood protection (Destruction and durability of wooden structures, biological destruction, decay, methods of protection, correction and maintenance of wood, various protective treatments, methods of industrial protection, maintenance and restoration and restoration of wooden structures, etc.)


3-2- The furniture and woodcarving designs part:

3-2-1- The BestFurniture textile design

3-2-2- Color quality

3-2-3- Woodcarving

3-2-4- Beauty and international furniture standards