Wednesday 4/8/2020
Saturday, May 19, 2018 Office for International Scientific Cooperation

The International Scientific Cooperation Office of RIGAR was established to provide leadership, service and support for the international scientific activities of RIGAR. Contact with scientific centers of science and food industry related to grapes in other countries and efforts to define collaborative research projects among scholars overseas and academic members of the RIGAR are one of the most important activities of this office. Establishing academic relationships with universities in Sweden, France, Lithuania, Canada, China, and India is some of coordination in this office. This office, currently directed by Dr. Milad Manafi, has conducted various international workshops, and lectures presented by professors and experts from leading international universities. In addition, throughout the years, RIGAR has managed to initiate scientific and educational relations with several academic centers namely INRA in the France, SupAgro Montpellier in France, under Erasmus plus projects of European Union.

The main goals and duties of this office are as follows:

Ø Promoting international scientific relations and providing a suitable environment for outdoor scientific talks linking RIGAR's staff and researchers to their counterparts abroad;

Ø Providing the ground for joint research projects with scientific centers abroad;

Ø Providing research opportunities for academic staff abroad;

Ø Exchanging postgraduate students with counterpart institutions worldwide;

Ø Developing paces for linking RIGAR with international scientific centers;

Ø Inviting experts and scholars from international academic centers for academic presentations at RIGAR;