Wednesday 4/8/2020
Saturday, May 19, 2018 Goals of RIGAR

1.     Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of applied research in the economy of the region and country, helping commercialization of the achievements, and their objective representation in orchards and industries;

2.     Creating and developing technical knowledge tailored to the needs of gardener community and global conditions, updating and upgrading the traditional technologies, taking advantage of new technologies by localizing them in accordance with the community demand to be in compliance with environmental considerations;

3.     Promote effective research and technological cooperation with Grape research centers, and Raisin industrial and other related organizations at national and transnational level;

4. Utilizing effective management systems and playing effectively in the country's major policies in Grape related areas;

5. Developing quantitative and qualitative human resources in terms of their capability, creativity, commitment, efficiency and adherence to professional ethics;

6. Diversifying and providing sustainable financial resources and increasing the financial resources through existing capacities;

7. Creating and expanding the appropriate physical environment and providing required hardware and software facilities;

8. Implementation of research results in the field of gardens and vineyards;

9. Establishing sustainable development areas for continued production and conservation of water and soil resources

10. Developing effective collaboration in technological research fields with industrial, scientific and research centers and organizations of national and international levels;


Core values

• Active and wide participation in scientific and technological developments as well as playing an active role to fulfill the needs of the scientific research works of Iranian community.

• Encouraging and institutionalizing the innovation, teamwork, synergy and competitive production in a live and energetic environment.

• Establishing a constructive and effective interaction with national and international academic and research organizations.