Wednesday 4/8/2020
Sunday 10/21/2012 Official Statement of Faculty Members, Staff and Students of Malayer University to Stop Condemning Irans Satellite Broadcasts


Stopping Iran's overseas broadcasting from Hotbird satellites reveal true identity claims to promote freedom of expression and banged drums scandal leading Western governments around the world. Undoubtedly this amateur action contrary to customary international law and the free dissemination of information and global arrogance were affected by the legitimacy of the holy ideals of the Islamic revolution in Iran.

Clearly, the Western governors because of fear of revealing their media lies in the temptation to try and deceive world public opinion by resorting to any of the media to keep free and independent, and no doubt cut Iranian network applications has been made ​​in this direction because network like Press TV, Al-Alam, Sahar, Jamejam and ... by revealing real news have undermined the foundations of the westerns empire, and this is what a culture that is based on lies and deception can not be tolerated.

Western politicians claim the dubious protection of free speech, the publication of obscene films and blasphemy will support more than one and a half billion Muslims, how without any good reason to stop the Iranians are playing five network information .This is a clear confirmation of the claim that their freedom of expression, information and community voices in the West, just jokes and fun for the infamous cover hostile actions, and Western politicians.

We, as faculty members, staff and students of Malayer University condemn stopping Iran's overseas broadcasting from Hotbird satellites which is a clear indication against the human rights.