Friday, September 18, 2020   11:31:39
About Research Institute for Grapes and Raisin (RIGAR)


Research Institute for Grapes and Raisin (RIGAR) of Malayer University was officially established in 2012 (1392) by the affirmative legislation of the "Council of Higher Education Development". As a pioneer center for scientific and innovative research in grape and its by-product, the Institute intends to meet the research needs of viticulture, post-harvest and raisin production across the country. This research institute is located in Malayer city of Hamadan province; one of the main grape and raisin production regions of Iran with over than 11000 ha cultivated areas. This Institute consists of three main research departments and there are currently 16 PhD students studying at different departments of RIGAR.

Future outlook

To become an excellent reference for applied research across the country in the field of Grape and Raisin and to achieve transnational accredited status while relying upon the Iranian Islamic identity.

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